• Multiple Extra Fields Groups for K2


    Assign more than one feilds group to a K2 category

    Render mutliselect fields as checkboxes

    Support/Updates for 3 months


  • Categories Treeview for K2

    Display K2 categories like a treeview

    Choose between Basic and Pro versions according to your needs

    Support/Updates for 3 months

  • AutoMeta for K2

    AutoMeta for K2
    Automatic generation of meta keywords and description for K2 items

    Use extra fields, tags, item title and category name to generate meta data

    Support/Updates for 3 months


Chained Fields for K2

Chained Fields for K2 It is a package to enable creating chained fields in K2 item edit form.

Categories Tree Menu for Virtuemart

Categories Tree Menu for Virtuemart   This Joomla! module is used to display Virtuemart categories in a tree menu, like a file explorer. This is useful for using Virtuemart as business directory or any listing type. The comparison table below shows feature available in both Basic and Pro versions...

Memory Limit Plugin

Memory Limit Plugin This plugin is for joomla users who don't know how to adjust memory_limit parameter of php to fix the error that says: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of [number] bytes exhausted (tried to allocate [number] bytes) in [filename] This error is usually fixed by changing the memory_limit parameter in php.ini…
Thursday, 28 February 2013 21:20

Welcome to Joomla 3.0

If you've been thinking about switching to Joomla or upgrading your Joomla site to a newer version, the time to act is now; Joomla 3.0 has finally arrived.

Standing above it's competitors in both responsive front-end design and admin-user interface, Joomla 3.0 is raising the bar in becoming the first mobile-ready CMS. Business2community.com states this latest version will feature improvements like the integration of the Bootstrap framework, which is a CSS-based 12-column responsive grid framework used exclusively in Joomla.