Whatever your site's content, it is very important to allow your site's visitors to search K2 content items.

Especially when you utilize extra fields to extend K2 items, it is great for visitors to search and filter K2 content by different types of filters.

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How to implement Joomla! Update System in paid extensions?

Whether you're redesigning your Joomla site or determining which part of your site draws the most traffic, a content audit is a critical part of that process. Thanks to the user-friendly nature of Joomla, performing a content audit is fairly straightforward.

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Monday, 01 December 2008 06:46

Joomla Search Engine Optimization - SEO

If you are using Joomla CMS, SEO is in many ways a much easier task to undertake. There are link building components with auto link check features, friendly URL components, title tag creators, Google site map creators, built in site maps and many other "little programs" which automate many of the tedious optimization tasks for the webmaster. When you build a new website with Joomla, there is a list of components that should be installed and configured right from the very beginning of your project.

5 Steps to Make Your Joomla Website SEO Friendly.

1. Install the latest version of Joomla The core Joomla install package (1.10) now comes with better built-in usability features such as label tags being added to Site module and component output, and the mosHTML::selectList and mosHTML::radioList automatically provide the correct label tag.

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A couple years ago, when I was working for a web hosting company, it was may first time to get to know about Joomla and what content management system (CMS) is. I was amazed by how easily it is to setup a CMS website with just a few clicks. The installation process was so similar to installing a program on Windows.

Meeting Business Requirements

Since then, I have been playing around with Joomla and I have even used it to setup a few websites for some business clients, making some money out of the small projects. There are a lot of plug-ins for Joomla that can meet specific business requirements. For example, a wedding centre has asked me to setup a website for them with the following requests:

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