Tuesday, 09 August 2016 08:42

Styling K2 Tags Cloud With Bootstrap

Are you looking for a modern and nifty layout for the K2 tags cloud of the K2 Tools module? In addition to that, the tags will be highlighted in different colors according to how many items related to them.

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Saturday, 30 July 2016 09:31

How to remove '#' from K2 tags

Recent K2 release has a new CSS rules to add "#" before tags, even if the tag consists of multiple words, since some K2 community members don't like this format and asked how to turn if off.

Here is how to do it without the need to do it with every K2 update...

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Learn how easily to improve the performance of K2 with many extra fields created, you will notice the perfromance boost immediatly after applying this hack...

Learn how to modify K2 item navigation process to provide a previous and next for the first and last item in a category.

It is required to modify the item navigation logic so that:

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